The benefit of creating an office breakout area

8th July 2019

Who would think that something as simple as an office breakout area, could impact so positively on staff? Yep. Countless surveys confirm it. Your people are definitely happier, healthier and more productive when they take a break.

Apparently, almost three in five UK office workers struggle to prise themselves away from their desk at lunchtime – and, more than half, never actually leave the office. Sound familiar? For bosses though, this isn’t good news. It’s detrimental to productivity and creativity – as well as people’s physical and mental well-being.

What is good news though, is that an increasing number of companies are beginning to realise just how crucial it is to have a well-thought-out and vibrant breakout area – where staff can take a bit of a mental break. It looks like the rise of the office breakout space is here to stay – as more and more businesses seriously consider it as part of their new office fit out.

Making good use of your workspace makes sound business sense too. A room that’s used for a couple of hours a day, can easily be turned into a multi-use space that’s used by everyone throughout the day.

The trick is fitting it out with furniture that’s comfortable and adaptable – with funky and colourful designs, to encourage staff to keep using it. Popular pieces include sofas, soft furnishings and bean bags as well as simple tables and chairs, to kick-start inspired thinking and ideas.

That said, companies can sometimes see a breakout area as an unnecessary luxury that they can’t afford – but, employers should consider the benefits before ruling it out.

they’re great for encouraging interaction and the exchange of ideas with colleagues, who perhaps, they wouldn’t normally get an opportunity to engage with. Plus, your office space says a lot about your company.

if you work in a competitive industry where attracting and retaining the best talents is crucial, the design of your office workspace and the well-being of your employees, could well give you an advantage.

When teams are healthy, motivated and focused, they’re usually operating at peak performance.

It stands to reason then, that if we want to serve our customers well, we need to make sure we’re looking after our people.

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