Why Investing In Your Reception Area Is A Smart Idea

17th October 2019

Reception areas are tone setters. Hives of activity. The very first-time visitors’ step into yours, they’re forming an opinion about your company, as they take in the layout and the overall feel and flow of it. You only make ‘one first impression’ – so, let it be a good one.

In fact, pretty much everything happens in a reception area. It’s where you arrive. It’s where you wait to be greeted, deliveries come in and go out and impromptu meetings are held. Visitors should be able look around and know in an instant who you are and what you do. Clues, which give visitors an insight into your brand and personality – as well as what’s important to you as a company, include the style and ambience, as well as the furnishings, fittings, colour scheme and layout. So, from floor to ceiling and everything in between.

One of the most prominent features in the reception area, is the reception desk. Yep – that’s because it’s one of the first things visitors will see – it’s the centre piece, which is why businesses invest in them. Reception desks come in all shapes and sizes – from big, bold and bright to discreet, stylish and creative. They come in an endless list of materials too, everything from:


In fact, if you have the imagination, why stick to one material – when you can combine two or three.

Your reception area is arguably the most important room on show. Not only does it make your office space look super professional, it’s also good for employee morale. A well-run reception area with an obvious ‘Wow’ factor can boost employee mood and mindset. It creates a sense of identity and is a subtle reminder that they have a connection to something big and important.

Oh, and don’t forget your reception chair. An ergonomic one is best, so that’s it’s suitable for long spells of seated work. One of the advantages of working with a commercial fit out contractor like us, to source your office furniture, is being able to benefit from our buying power. To find out more, please get in touch.