The Perks of Glass Office Partitioning

29th October 2019

There are all sorts of staff perks that can supercharge mood and well-being – from free breakfast, a game of lunchtime ping-pong to evening running clubs and flexible working hours.

Interestingly though, while these perks get the thumbs up, there’s something much higher up the perfect perks list. Natural light and good air quality. Yep – these perks have a proven positive impact in the workplace by helping happiness, productivity and morale levels, right across the organisation. Natural light can be boosted by using office partitioning – specifically glass partitioning, which is an important material in any office.

Glass office partitions are multifunctional – so, they’re a great choice. Practical, modern and attractive, they can be easily branded to add colour and corporate designs. They’re quick and easy to install, quick to move, ideal for creating smaller office spaces within a larger area and can be added to, if your business grows. They also let natural light flow freely throughout your office space, leaving your work area feeling brighter and more spacious. Not only this, but light flow from glass partitions means you can cut down on artificial lighting too. Let’s be honest, no-one really likes siting under fluorescent lighting for hours on end, in a windowless room, do they?

Benefits of glass office partitioning:

Free flowing natural light
Aesthetically attractive
Noise reduction
Better team collaboration
Illusion of more space
Lower energy bills

It’s true. On the one hand, these moveable glass panel walls, give staff privacy, the same level of sound reduction as traditional walls and clearly defined workspaces. And, on the other hand, they create a sociable working environment. It means colleagues can still see each other, promoting a sense of camaraderie, collaboration and harmony – as well as enjoying an unhampered view of the office and productivity, so they don’t feel isolated. But that’s not all. Improved natural lighting usually means lower energy bills too. Now that’s got to be a bonus.

For more information and a quote for a glass partitioning project, please get in touch with the Onyx Interiors team. Options range from the framed aluminium systems to the stylish frameless glass walls.