How To Properly Light Up Your Office Space

22nd November 2019

Are your staff suffering from the proverbial Monday morning blues? If they are, try changing the office lights. Yep, seriously, their mood could very easily be impacted by bad lighting.

In fact, poor lighting is one of the single biggest complaints from office employees. Studies have revealed that when lights are too bright, staff can feel anxious – and when they’re too dim, drowsy and depressed. Getting the balance right then, is crucial to maintaining emotional wellbeing and health within the workplace. But there are plenty of financial and business benefits too, by installing smart lighting.

It can positively affect creativity, productivity and the quality of work.
It’s safer – reducing the potential for accidents.
It’s healthier – reducing the effects of headaches, tiredness and eye strain.
It’s better for the environment and our precious planet.
It can create the perfect working environment, with therapeutic effects.
It can shave pounds off your electricity bills – reducing them by up to 90%.

So, how do you properly light up your office space? Well, according to experts, the recommended ideal level of brightness in an office is around 500 lux – which is a measure of light similar to sunrise on a clear day. And that’s where the much-applauded LED bulb comes in. LED lighting is now used widely in commercial spaces. Plus, it’s the closest alternative to providing natural lighting. Lighting up doesn’t have to be bland and boring. There’s a wide selection of LED light sources making them an innovative and creative option. They come in a variety of colours and can be blended together to produce even more colour choices. Designs can be branded or softened using fabrics and textiles in striking colours, creating some fine features with products like shades and pendants.

As the nights are rapidly drawing in, it can be all too easy to let a lack of daylight get the better of us. But there are plenty of ways to stay one-step ahead of the darkness – and lighting isn’t the only solution.

Good office design should be part of an integrated approach to your entire office fitout – including stylish flooring, colourful decoration and modern and contemporary furniture.

If you’d like to trim pounds off your electricity bill with the flick of a switch or, are thinking about a complete office refurbishment, please get in touch with the Onyx team. It’s what we do best.