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How To Properly Light Up Your Office Space
22nd November 2019

Are your staff suffering from the proverbial Monday morning blues? If they are, try changing the office lights. Yep, seriously, their mood could very easily be impacted by bad lighting.

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The Perks of Glass Office Partitioning
29th October 2019

There are all sorts of staff perks that can supercharge mood and well-being – from free breakfast, a game of lunchtime ping-pong to evening running clubs and flexible working hours.

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Why Investing In Your Reception Area Is A Smart Idea
17th October 2019

Reception areas are tone setters. Hives of activity. The very first-time visitors’ step into yours, they’re forming an opinion about your company, as they take in the layout and the overall feel and flow of it. You only make ‘one first impression’ – so, let it be a good one.

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What’s the difference between a Cat A and Cat B fit out?
22nd July 2019

Knowing your Cat A from a Cat B can be a tad confusing if you’re not familiar with the industry jargon. In this blog, we explain what they actually mean.

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The benefit of creating an office breakout area
8th July 2019

Who would think that something as simple as an office breakout area, could impact so positively on staff? Yep. Countless surveys confirm it. Your people are definitely happier, healthier and more productive when they take a break.

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